Prototype Disclaimer

Read below - applies to all websites described as "Prototypes" built by Webgod.

This website is being used purely as an example of the quality of websites we can design & build at Webgod. All logos, images, videos, and text related to the company/product this website was built for, belong to said company. This website is built purely for demonstration purposes, and should not be recognized as a paid project from the product/company the website was built for.

All media assets & artwork used to create this website were publicly available to download from the websites, social media profiles, or press kits of the product/company at the time of creating. All credit beyond the design of this website belongs to the designers of said assets. We do not take credit for any artwork used in the website, only the design of the structure and function of the website.

"By law, you need not request permission to use a trademark belonging to another if it is for an editorial or informational use. Trademark law protects distinctive words, phrases, logos, symbols, slogans, and any other devices used to identify and distinguish products or services in the marketplace."

This website is a only a design prototype and all trademarked logos, symbols, words and phrases are being used strictly for informational & editorial use.

If you believe we are exercising unauthorized use of your registered trademark or copyrighted content, please contact by email & we will look into removing any referenced content if necessary.