7 Tips for a Successful Video Game Landing Page

How to build a landing page for your game that will convert website visitors into new players.
September 24, 2020

A landing page that converts visitors into new players is a crucial component of any successful video game launch. As your landing page is one of your most powerful tools for convincing people to buy or download your game, it also acts as a ground to display important graphics, game details and purchase options.

If you have a big game launch happening soon, here are some essential tips that we recommend to implement while building your games landing page.

#1. A Good Hero Section

This is the very first thing visitors see once they've loaded into your website, it's also what us sweaty web designers refer to as "above the fold".

The purpose of your landing page is to convince people to download or purchase your game. and the hero section is the first chance you get to do this. As a result, the hero section should be the most compelling section of your landing page- as it is the first (and potentially last) chance you have at sparking your visitors curiosity.

A good hero section for a landing page will usually include a short description of the game, the game logo, a call to action button (Ex: "Play Now") and a game-related image or video background.

Image Credits go to Valorant

Pictured above is the landing page for Riot Games free to play tactical shooter, Valorant

Their hero section makes great use of a custom background video, short game description, official game logo and simple call to action button without asking too much of it's visitors.

(Valorant has had outstanding success with this landing page, boasting around 60 million website visits in April 2020 & millions of game downloads)

#2. A Simple Nav Menu

Short for "Navigation Menu", the Nav Menu for your landing page should be as simple as possible, or in some cases- non existent.

Although navigation menus are useful in most other types of web pages, they tend to distract visitors from downloading or purchasing a game when on a landing page (pssst, we DO NOT want that)

In most situations, we advise to keep your nav menu containing your game logo, a call to action, and links to your games social media profiles. Anything else should only be added if it adds to the process of convincing visitors to download or purchase your game (Examples: Important Game Info, FAQ, Photo Gallery)

#3. A Compelling About Section

The about section on your landing page should be both visually and verbally compelling. This is where you really sell the idea of playing the game to the visitor.

We recommend starting this with a short catchphrase in BIG, bold letters, with a medium sized paragraph below that briefly describes the game. Additional elements that could be added are a game-related image, game-related video, and/or visual elements that match the overall art style expressed throughout the page.

Shown above is another screenshot from the official Valorant landing page.

This is a pleasant example of what it looks like when you effectively implement the tips stated above into your about section.

#4. A Photo Gallery

Most video games are highly visual, and the most successful games often feature remarkable graphics and scenery.

A great way to showcase your game’s graphics is with in-game screenshots and official game art. This will help seduce landing page visitors into your game world and give them a better idea of what the game has to offer.

Also, consider linking these images up to a lightbox so the visitor can see each image in full-screen mode after clicking, as well as scroll through the entire gallery at once.

This will create an immersive viewing experience for people checking out your games images.

#5. Easy Purchase Options

People need to be able to effortlessly purchase or download your game from your landing page, or be linked to another place where they can purchase or download the game.

The most effective way to do this is by creating a section on your landing page with simple buttons that link to each place that visitors can purchase the game.

Shown above is a screenshot from the official Overwatch website.

This website features a pop-up that appears when you click the "Buy Now" button located in several places throughout the site.

Each of those button links send you to the Overwatch product listings for each platform, where you can purchase the game on their respective marketplaces. Use this functionality as a benchmark for your own website.

#6. Custom Interactions

You know when you hover over a button on a website and it changes color or size? Yea, that's an interaction, and people like that.

Try to add visually appealing interactions when users hover or click on important elements on your page, as this will most likely increase the amount of dopamine being released in the brains of your visitors.

(The addition of custom interactions can make or break the feel of your landing page, so use them wisely)

#7. Responsive Design

Your landing page needs to be buttery smooth if you want to unlock your true sales potential.

Responsive web design is when the basic look and functionality of the site are built with every screen size in mind (Web, Tablet and Mobile).

Having your landing page feel elegant on any device or screen size is necessary to maximize conversions and build trust with your visitors. There are no quick tips to fix this other than to work with a professional web developer who understands this concept and can reliably do this for your project.


Gaming landing pages are simple, but a solid game plan and proper execution is required to succeed. Implement each of these crucial tips to help ensure that you crush it when is comes time to get that landing page up!

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