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What platform will my website be built on?

We exclusively use Webflow as a foundation to build websites. Webflow is a robust web-app that allows us to accomplish most aspects of custom web design & development entirely within one application, while outputting beautiful HTML5 & CSS3. This technology lets our team build highly technical (and functional) websites in record time. For more info on why we choose to use Webflow over Wordpress & other front-end web building platforms, click here.

What hosting do you offer?

We offer AWS (Amazon Web Services) hosting to our clients. These are the same speedy servers that Netflix, Twitch, and Facebook run on. 99.99% up-time & ultra-fast load speeds are a near guarantee when running on AWS. We also offer basic website management services on top of our hosting plans to ensure your site is always updated and responsive while it's live.

How is payment structured?

We collect the first half of payment (for design & development) at the start of the project, and the second half when the site is 100% done. Monthly payment for hosting & management starts as soon as you connect the website to your domain name and are ready to go live on the web with your project. All payments are made through secure, encrypted channels.